The coolest drug in town


Just thought I’d post this as it’s one of a few alcohol related e-cards doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment.

It made me smile but it also made me stop and think. Alcohol really is the most socially acceptable drug ever. It’s cool to drink. It’s not cool to be sober. In the UK, we like to drink at weddings, funerals, christenings, birthdays, New Year, Christmas…. and everything in between. 

Yet we’re so judgemental when it comes to other forms of drug addiction. Heroin, ecstasy, cocaine? Tut tut. Very irresponsible. If I took up smoking my friends would look at me like I had two heads. But alcohol? The drug that kills thousands every year? That’s ok.

Funny isn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “The coolest drug in town

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  2. Carrie April 16, 2013 at 10:38 pm Reply

    It’s very unlikely that anyone in your real life is going to pat you on the back for not drinking anymore…that sucks, but you will find all the support, encouragement and high fives you need on here. And plenty more besides! Great to have you around. Carrie

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