Day 2

Ok, after today I must think up some more exciting titles for my posts. Otherwise I’ll start to sound like the man who narrates Big Brother. You know the one with the Geordie accent – “It’s Day 49 in the Big Brother house…”

Well it’s Day 2 in sober Kate’s house and even thinking about getting to Day 49 makes my mind boggle. In the last decade, the longest I’ve been sober for is a month. That was in August 2011.

Last night I went a bit mad online and did a huge shop at Tesco. My kitchen cupboards were pretty empty and at the moment I want to be surrounded by good food. Do some proper cooking and start looking after myself again.

I also want to find a decent soft drink that doesn’t look or taste boring. So I write this surrounded by bottles of lime soda, cranberry juice, tonic water, grapefruit juice, bitter lemonade and tomato juice, to name a few. I ordered so many I haven’t got a home for all of them. Guess I better start experimenting!


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